Police: Shoes found with human legs discovered in trash facility

Courtesy of WCMH

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Police in Ohio are asking for help identifying the owner of a pair of shoes discovered with two human legs found at a south side trash facility earlier this week.

Police say the shoes are JustFab brand woman’s size 10, pictured here.

Police were called to the area of 1300 South Columbus Airport Road shortly before 4pm Tuesday after someone reported finding two human legs in the trash. It appears the legs were sawed off and dumped in the trash in northwest Columbus, according to Homicide unit Sgt. Stan Latta.

The legs were spotted by an employee of Local Waste Services at the company’s facility off of Lockbourne Rd on the south side of Columbus. Local Waste Services picks up residential and commercial trash and recyclables.

According to Columbus police, the trash truck that carried the legs to the facility made at least 20 stops in the northwest Columbus area. The legs were picked up sometime between March 21 and March 28.

Forensic pathologists at the county coroner’s office are trying to identify who the legs belonged to and how they were severed. DNA samples will be compared to the state DNA database in search of a match.

Homicide detectives are checking missing person reports and searching through the trash items that were in the same truckload looking for clues to where exactly the legs were picked up.

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