VIDEO: Human leg found tied to cinder block in Shasta County lake

Courtesy of CNN

Video courtesy of CNN.

SHASTA COUNTY (KRON) —  A new discovery was made in the murder investigation of a Northern California woman on Friday.

Divers with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office found a human leg attached to a cinder block in Whiskeytown Lake, and have reason to believe it belongs to a woman named Bridget Jacobs.

Courtesy of CNN

Jacob’s ex-husband, Philip Jacobs, is accused of killing her.

After telling police he dumped her body, the dive team scoured the lake.

Four days of meticulous searching led divers to a major clue.

“They located a human leg, and so today they’re expanding their search to attempt to locate more parts, which we believe belonged to Bridget Jacobs,” Sgt. Brian Jackson said.

“It appears there are some other suspicious items or targets that the divers are going to go down today and investigate and see what those are, and determine if they’re additional parts,” Jackson added.

Jackson says that the body appears to have been dismembered, as there is no indication of natural decomposition.

Bridget’s family has been notified about the leg.

However, authorities have not yet confirmed that it belong’s to Bridget.

CNN contributed to this article.


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