Florida man escapes jail through police department ceiling

Michael Caruso

ORANGE CITY, Fla. (WKMG) — A man is back in custody after authorities say he made a daring escape through a police station bathroom ceiling.

31 year-old homeless man Michael Caruso was already accused of stealing from a Kohl’s department store when police had him in their custody Sunday night.

Now, Caruso is facing even more charges after police say he escaped a single stall bathroom at the station while an officer was waiting for him outside the door.

Police say the inmate created this hole in the ceiling, shimmied up into the attic, then removed an attic fan and left the building.

Authorities sent their chopper to search for Caruso.

At the same time police say the inmate approached a homeowner and asked for a ride because he just escaped police.

The man threatened Caruso with a gun while his girlfriend called law enforcement..

Investigators say Caruso then ran, and tried breaking into this house nearby but ended up getting caught minutes later,  a police dog even biting him in the process.

Caruso is now being held without bond.

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