VIDEO: Albany High School parents come together to discuss racist incidents


ALBANY (KRON) — Parents came together on Tuesday night in Albany where the high school has dealt with several problems with racism over the past few weeks.

Problems include a racist Instagram account targeting African-American students. Also, Nazi signs were seen flashed on campus among some students.

It was an emotional night for parents in Albany.

The meeting included parents of a teen who started a racist Instagram page, parents of teens who followed that page, and parents of teens whose children were racially targeted.

It has been a chaotic couple of weeks at Albany High. There was the racist Instagram page made by a student, Nazi salutes among other students, and rallies to move past it.

A parent of a student associated with the page voiced her frustrations with the district for letting things get this far.

But on Tuesday, parents attended the school board meeting to come together and show that progress is being made between both sides, which did eventually meet together last weekend.

Perhaps the moment of the night came when the father of the student who started the racist Instagram page spoke publicly to show people that his son is being punished.

Those who were suspended will soon be back at school. Administrators tell KRON4 extra security will be on hand.

Teachers are well aware of the students coming back and teachers will be making their presence known in the hallways as well.

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