VIDEO: Equal Pay Day brings attention to gender gap between men, women’s salaries


MENLO PARK (KRON) — Equal Pay Day, where companies and activists bring attention to the gender gap between men and women’s salaries, took place on Tuesday.

Statistics have long pointed to a difference of about 20 cents less for women doing the same job as men. And some Bay Area activists are trying to do their part to raise awareness.

Half a million dollars–that is how much a woman falls short throughout her career due to unequal pay, compared with a man doing the same job, according to figures uncovered by, a women’s activist organization.

Several companies got personally involved.

At Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, the top managers are all women.

Last month, the bookstore focused on feminist issues and brought in several noteworthy female authors.

On this Equal Pay Day, they were offering 20 percent off one book, “The Mother of All Questions,” as a tribute to the 20 percent gap between men and women’s pay.

Lyft plans to give 20 percent of its revenue to women’s charities.

Salesforce, the mega software giant, recently revealed that it gave $3 million to women employees after discovering some pay inequalities.

For some Bay Area women, they are looking towards the federal government to step in and level the playing field pointing to Ivanka Trump, now in a key Washington position to do something about the issue.

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