VIDEO: San Jose introduces car replacement program for victims of Coyote Creek flooding


SAN JOSE (KRON) — The City of San Jose is asking for help for those who lost everything during the February floods.

Mayor Sam Liccardo introduced a car replacement program that would provide a car to those who lost theirs during the floods.

Mayor Liccardo is asking the community to donate a used vehicle in exchange for tax deductions.

The Silicon Valley Care Dealership Association will also be providing repairs to those cars at a discounted price.

“We saw during the flood hundreds of our residents, many who did not have insurance for their cars,” Liccardo said. “The big issue is getting people back to work, getting the kids to school, helping people get back to work, helping life to get back to normal for these families, and without a car, that becomes very difficult.”

San Jose will also be donating 20 cars from the city’s fleet.

Goodwill of Silicon Valley will be accepting donations of used vehicles.

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