VIDEO: Woman clings for life as tornado rips apart home

Video courtesy of CNN.

VIRGINIA (KRON) — “By the grace of God,” a Virginia woman is barely harmed after a tornado hit her home while she was inside of it.

She says a recliner chair was her anchor, and she held on for dear life.

As she clung to the chair, she watched in horror as the tornado ripped other items from her home.

“I thought I was going to die,” Jennifer Mingo said. “The TV went, the nightstand went, the dresser went. Everything was flying out the room and I thought the chair was going to be next, and I said ‘this is my time.'”

A neighbor’s security camera recorded the entire thing. In the video a bedroom wall is seen being torn from the house.

When all was said and done, Jennifer miraculously escaped with just a few scratches.

Although her home is now a mess, she is in great spirits.

“All of that can be replaced. We’ve got good insurance we have a roof over our head we got a place to stay,” she said.

“I told my husband he could’ve been worrying about the house and preparing for a funeral at the same time, but I said by the grace of God it just wasn’t meant to be.”

CNN contributed to this article.


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