VIDEO: UPS driver found safe after truck goes down embankment, hits tree in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE (KRON) — A UPS driver, who was reported missing after his truck went down an embankment in Lafayette on Wednesday afternoon, has been found safe in Concord.

The accident happened near the 1900 block of Hunsaker Canyon Road at around 5:09 p.m. The driver went down a 40-foot embankment, hit a tree, and was ejected from the vehicle.

Dennis Salazar, 34, was on his normal route when his vehicle crashed.

After the crash, Salazar exited the vehicle and ran into one of his customers.

Salazar then contacted his wife, who called Lafayette police.

Salazar was brought in for an evaluation and Lafayette police have finished their investigation.

He is not in police custody.

The UPS truck was recovered.

The contents in the truck sustained minimal damage and the tracking details have been updated on the UPS website.

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