EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: KRON4 gets private tour of evacuated home in Oakland Hills

OAKLAND (KRON) — Residents of at least six homes in the Oakland Hills were forced to evacuate due to a dangerous landslide Thursday evening.

The slide happened around 8:00 p.m. on Banning Dr.

There are no reports of injuries, but at least one home is severely damaged by the influx of mud.

KRON4’s Will Tran was able to speak exclusively with the man who lives in that house. Watch the live interview from inside the home in the video above.


The landslide left 23 homes without water service, according to the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

Water agency spokeswoman Nelsy Rodriguez said the landslide occurred early Thursday evening, several hours after a customer on Aitken Drive, east of state Highway 13, called EDMUD at about 4 p.m. to report a problem with a water service line.

An EMBUD inspector shut off the water main in the area because he noticed that the ground was moving and it was becoming a landslide, Rodriguez said.

At about 8:15 p.m. on Thursday a large section of Aitken Drive collapsed onto Banning Drive, which runs below Aitken, according to Rodriguez.

City of Oakland officials weren’t immediately available for comment Friday on the status of those homes.

Rodriguez said most of the 23 homes without water service are on Aitken Drive but several of them are on nearby Exeter Drive.

She said the high point of the water service line section that is leaking is 6619 Aitken Drive and EBMUD is trying to reduce the area that has to have its water turned off.

Rodriguez said the water agency hopes that most of the 23 homes that currently don’t have water service will have their service restored by Friday evening.

She said the water service line that’s leaking is small and it’s not yet clear if the landslide was triggered by the water line problem or by the heavy rain in the storm Thursday evening.

Stay with KRON4 for updates on this, and all weather-related stories on this stormy Friday.

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