ONLY on KRON4: California inmates take on Shakespeare

VACAVILLE (KRON)– Inmates at Solano State Prison put their talents to the test during a performance of Shakespeare’s King John for visitors and fellow inmates.

The performers were from the prison’s level three unit, and most were serving life sentences.

“I’ve been in prison since I was nineteen years old. I’ve never had a job, and I’ve never done nothing like this as a team like this so this gives me an opportunity to work with other people,” said Joseph Jackson.

The Marin Shakespeare  Company had been training the inmates and this was the first time level three prisoners were allowed into the program.

“Most of the men in the group probably never thought in their lives that they would be doing Shakespeare,” said Lesley Currier of Marin Shakespeare Company.

For one thespian, Jamal Ahmed, performing was a revelation to move on from his past.

“To me participating in Shakespeare was kind of symbolic of coming out from that and trying to explore that other side of myself that I denied,” he said.

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