ONLY on KRON4: Four-year-old boy meets donor who saved his life

FAIRFIELD (KRON)– For the first time a four-year-old boy, who suffered from kidney problems very early on, met the woman who saved his life.

Jordan and his donor, Victoria Myer, met at a miniature golf and family fun center in Fairfield on Sunday.

Long before the two met face to face, a bond had already formed.

“Just to finally be able to meet him just really means a lot. It’s just….just very overwhelming,” said Meyer.

Jordan was born two months prematurely and by the time he was two-years-old his kidney complications forced the family to look into transplant surgery.

They family put out a desperate plea in newspapers and all over social media.

A mutual friend sent Myer a link to the search for a donor.
Strangers step up to help boy, 2, in need of kidney transplant

“I saw Jordan’s picture with his grandmother and I stopped and read it…I thought, ‘I hope somebody would want to do that for my kids also,” said Myer.

After a successful surgery, Myer allowed the family some space to be with Jordan.

It took two years, for Jordan and Myer to connect, but it was worth the wait.

“We’ve been waiting for so long…” said

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