CRAZY VIDEO: Glass bottom pool suspended 500 feet in the air

HOUSTON, TX (WFLA/WCMH) — If you’ve ever wanted to go swimming and walking on air at the same time, a new swimming pool in Houston is the perfect solution.

The pool on the “Sky Deck” at the Market Square Tower has a glass bottom pool that extends 10 feet out over the edge of the building. Dare to walk out on it and you’ll find yourself floating 42 stories up in the air!

The pool is the tallest pool in Texas, and its the first “Sky Pool” in the state, the company said on Instagram.

The building offers apartment homes and penthouses. A one bedroom, one bath unit will set you back $2,195 a month. The premium 4,159 square foot penthouse rents out at $18,715 a month.

The building also has a sky lounge, sky gym, poker suite, virtual golf, a movie theater, a basketball court, a billiards room and even a grand ballroom. You can check out the information about the building here.



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