Man accused of using shock collars to abuse kids

Courtesy of WCMH

LOWER PROVIDENCE, PA (WCMH) — A man in Pennsylvania is facing charges on allegations that he has been abusing his kids for years.

Investigators told a local station, in a case that resembles torture, Joseph Myhre, a married father of two, has been punching, kicking, choking and using an electrical shock collar meant for a dog on his children for several years.

Myhre also allegedly made his children sleep in wooden boxes, with holes drilled in them so the kids, ages 13 and 11, could breathe.

“These are absolutely heinous charges. In an area where we are, we’re not accustomed to anything like this by any means.  And when it does happen it shocks our conscience, along with everybody else involved,” Lower Providence Police Chief Stanley Turtle said.

Police said Myhre would beat his children because for failing to do their daily chores.

Myhre was arrested after his wife landed in the hospital with a broken skull and investigators began talking to the children. He now faces charges of aggravated assault of a child less than 13 years old and charges tied to his wife’s injuries.



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