‘Peeping Tom’ arrested for recording girls

Courtesy of KOIN

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 55-year-old Oregon man who is accused of secretly recording neighbors in their homes is facing dozens of charges, deputies said.

Kirk Richard Cazee was arrested Friday after a 15-month investigation.

For over a year, investigators with Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office said Cazee looked through and recorded footage through teenage girls’ bedroom windows. It all happened in the Surf Pines gated community, according to the sheriff’s office.

There was a break in the case after one of the victims installed a surveillance system outside of their home. Those cameras allegedly helped catch Cazee in the act.

“That’s creepy for anyone, the idea of someone taking photographs of your children in your own home.” Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis said.

Five victims were identified, and 3 of them were minors, deputies said.

Cazee reportedly doesn’t have a criminal record, but investigators on the case also found him to be in possession of child pornography, the sheriff’s office said. It is unclear if Cazee had contact with any of those victims.

The 55-year-old lives part-time in Southeast Portland and reportedly works as a nurse at a hospital in the Clackamas area.

He has been charged with 5 counts of first-degree invasion of personal privacy, 8 counts of second-degree invasion of personal privacy, 5 counts of using a child in a sexually explicit display, 20 counts of encouraging child sex abuse, 4 counts of second-degree criminal trespass and 5 counts of stalking.

Detectives are still analyzing evidence in the case.

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