VIDEO: Dogs sickened after visiting San Francisco park


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — An investigation is underway into what may have caused two dogs in San Francisco to get sick after visiting a park in the Bernal Heights neighborhood.

Dogs at Precita Park love the grass, but now, two residents are worried that what is being used to grow the lawn made their pets sick.

This started last week when two people sent emails to the Mission District supervisor complaining that their dogs started vomiting and foaming at the mouth after a visit to Precita Park.

Both of those emails were published on a local news blog. The complaints suggest the dogs’ illnesses could have something to do with the fertilizer being used on the grass here.

The city’s rec and park department says it has checked its records, and it shows it hasn’t used fertilizer out there for well over a year.

The department says it roped off this section of the park and put down a standard grass mix which should not have any ill effect on any parkgoers, including the four-legged variety.

People out there had different theories about what it could be.

KRON4 shot video of a mushroom growing at the base of a tree in the area.

A local vet says both of those are real possibilities, with more mushrooms and cases of giardia, which is an intestinal parasite, cropping up with all the rain we’ve been having.

But she says vomiting is the most common symptom present in the ER, so it could be many different causes.

“Often times, especially young dogs, we’re seeing them eat something silly like a part of its ball that could get stuck inside it,” Dr. Allegra Roth said. “So always, just be aware of what’s going in their mouth and make sure they’re not swallowing anything they’re not supposed to be.”

The city’s rec and park department says they will be inspecting the park this week to see if they can identify any potential hazards related to this incident.

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