VIDEO: Some Fremont residents blame homeless for growing crime problem


FREMONT (KRON) — Some Fremont residents are concerned about what they call a growing crime problem in their neighborhood.

On Tuesday night, a community meeting was held in the Canyon Heights section of town.

A community group organized the meeting because they are concerned about their neighborhood. Some believe the homeless in the area are the ones committing the crimes.

“We’ve had homeless people walking around our neighborhood every night, and it’s just terrible,” resident Bill Johnson said. “….We need to either move them out or find a way to do something to take care of these people.”

Police told KRON4 that general crime is down in this area, but they were there to listen and have a conversation with those who live nearby.

Those that KRON4 talked with said they’ve seen a number of package theft cases, cars broken into, and home burglaries.

Johnson said he found several of his neighbors’ stolen packages empty and left on the side of the road nearby. He believes the homeless are to blame.

KRON4 talked with officers Tuesday night as well.

“Some of the citizens expressed some concerns about being assaulted by some of the members of the homeless populations,” he said. “So, we really want to dig into that a little bit deeper and see if there’s a problem which we can provide services maybe to that community,” Fremont police Cpt. Sean Washington said.

This meeting was held in what appears to be a pretty quiet section of Fremont.

However, the Alameda Creek Quarries Regional Park is nearby, and some of the people living in the homes near that creek are the ones voicing their complaints.

Officers who were there say they will take some of the community input back with them to see if they can work at tackling some of the problems, possibly with extra patrols or homeless outreach programs.

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