VIDEO: Antioch approves installation of surveillance cameras at troubled intersection


ANTIOCH (KRON) — A new set of eyes is coming to a troubled intersection in Antioch.

The city council has approved the installation of new surveillance cameras as part of an effort to crack down on crime.

Lori Ogorchock and Tony Tiscareno grew up in Antioch.

They have known each other since graduating from Antioch High School in the 1970s.

Both still live in Antioch and also serve the city as council members. For them, safety is a pressing issue.

“I understand this is where the cameras are going to go on this intersection this year,” Orgorchock said.

On Tuesday night, they, along with their colleagues on the council, voted unanimously to approve the purchase and installation of three surveillance cameras and six license plate readers at the intersection of East 18th Street and Cavallo Road.

“We’ve been successful in the Sycamore area and this is our next target,” Tiscareno said.

Last November, the city installed surveillance cameras and license plate readers on the crime-riddled Sycamore Drive corridor.

And Ogorchock says that’s led to a reduction in crime in that area.

“We want to give our police officers the tools in their tool belts that they need, and this is just adding to that tool belt,” Ogorchock said.

The city will pay for the cameras with the more than $170,000 dollars collected from Measure C, a special tax approved by voters in 2014.

There are two liquor stores at East 18th and Cavallo as well as a motel that neighbors say attract criminal activity.

The council members say the police department will manage and monitor the cameras.

“We’ve had success stories where if there’s an issue occurring, it’s caught on camera. The police have been able to capture that and find culprits,” Tiscareno said.

Ogorchock says she hopes the cameras will be up and running by or before June.

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