VIDEO: Family of pregnant teen girl shot and killed by Fremont police wants to know why there is no video of incident

FREMONT (KRON) — Nearly one month after Fremont police shot and killed a pregnant 16-year-old girl, the family of Elena Mondragon says they are still waiting for answers.

Now, they want to know why there is no video of what happened.

Undercover officers say they fired into a stolen car the girl was riding in when it tried to ram them.

They want justice for “Ebbie” Mondragon.

Family and friends made an emotional plea at Tuesday night’s Hayward City Council meeting.

Mondragon was killed by Fremont police on Mar. 14 in Hayward when investigators say undercover officers tried to stop a stolen car wanted in connection with multiple armed robberies. Investigators say when they tried to stop the car, the driver drove into the detectives’ police vehicles, injuring the two detectives.

During the incident, the detectives fired their weapons at the suspect driving the vehicle and hit Mondragon.

Hayward police are one of the agencies investigating the shooting since it happened in their city.

Elena’s family is demanding answers.

“We’re not here to blame people and to find blame,” Elena’s uncle Miguel Minjares said. “We’re here to collect accountability from people. Be it the person that was driving the car or the officers, someone needs to be accountable for their actions. My niece, she was innocent in this whole thing.”

The family asked investigators to release all video of the shooting, but Hayward’s police chief told the family there is no dashcam video of the incident, and a body camera worn by one of the officers wasn’t turned on during the incident.

“It was kind of a shock,” Minjares said. “I would have thought those things were meant for the protection of ourselves, the citizens, and also for the police officers. For them to kind of still proceed with those things without that working makes me question their capabilities and competency in their job.”

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