VIDEO: San Francisco man who posted racial slurs on his windows arrested for allegedly threatening to kill neighbors


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —¬†Racial slurs and threats are posted on a San Francisco resident’s windows, and now, he is back in custody after threatening his neighbors.

But police in the Outer Sunset say they can’t force him to take them down. Neighbors tell KRON4 these signs have been up here for months and that police haven’t had the legal grounds to force them down.

But then recently, the man who lives here was arrested after threatening to kill a family in the neighborhood. It was a shocking scene in this otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

Racial slurs, swastikas, and calls to kill certain ethnic groups. But that’s not what got the man who lives there in trouble.

It’s what he said to his neighbor.

“Threatening me and a family member and said, ‘I guess we will have to kill the both of you and we will take care of you two,’ like he had a gang like KKK type of stuff,” Henry Vegas said. “So, I had to take it seriously. I was pretty upset.”

Vega says the man was arrested last month.

“He hasn’t been around for like a month now, not here currently,” Vega said. “Possibly going to the state hospital in Napa. I had to testify. I thought I would have to again, but they found him incompetent, so as of now, I don’t have to testify again.”

The resident upstairs says she’s been dealing with this for years. She took us inside the building to show us more of the same.

She says she’s relieved the man is now in custody.

KRON4 spoke with police. They tell KRON4 the man is in his 50s.

He’s lived in the neighborhood for about six years but has become more erratic in the last year or so.

Last year, he was arrested then released for threatening the police chief at the time on social media.

For now, it looks like these signs will stay.

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