VIDEO: Thieves steal ashes from rental car parked in Fisherman’s Wharf parking structure


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Ashes were stolen from a rental car, hours after a family in mourning touched down into San Francisco.

The victim died of a sudden heart attack and his wife and daughter wanted to spread his ashes in one of his favorite cities.

Now, they’re mourning twice over.

Thursday was the day Joe Wilkinson’s wife and daughter planned on spreading his ashes at Redwood National Park. It would have been his 57th birthday, and this was something they wanted to do for him.

He loved the city, he loved the food, and he loved the parks in San Francisco. They flew in from North Carolina Wednesday, and their first stop was Fisherman’s wharf.

They wanted to eat one of his favorite foods, Dungeness crab, and do a bit of sightseeing while waiting to check into their Airbnb.

They parked at a structure at Anchorage Square and headed out for about 3 hours.

By the time they got back to their rental car, it looked fine until they opened the trunk to put the souvenir sweater they purchased away.

They noticed Julia, Joe’s 30-year-old daughter’s suitcase was missing.

Immediately, his wife Mary searched her handbag, which the thieves left behind.

Her wallet was missing. Then, she noticed the most important thing they brought was missing–her husband’s ashes.

Now, she says the container was inside a pouch that may have had the appearance of a jewelry box.

Mary purposely didn’t check the ashes with her suitcase, just in case the airline lost her luggage.

Even with her safekeeping, it was stolen within hours of landing in San Francisco.

Both Joe’s wife and daughter are completely distraught at this time.

Julia spent the day shopping for clothes because everything of hers was stolen.

But she was so frazzled she couldn’t even get through that.

KRON4 reached out to management from the parking structure but has not heard back.

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