From shelter dog to K9 officer

MISSOURI (KRON)–A labrador retriever’s life was dwindling away at an animal shelter in Texas, but now the young lab is fighting crime.

“His name is K9 Luke. He’s a white-yellow lab. He’s a narcotics and tracking dog,” said officer Joel Fields.

One-year-old Luke is the smallest member of the Belridge Police Department, was weeks away from being euthanized at a Texas shelter.

“I saw a potential in him, so they took him from the shelter, put him through a training program for narcotics and tracking, certified him,” said Fields.

The last time the department had a K9 was in the 90s, but with an increase of drugs flowing into the community, officers needed extra help.

“He made seven drug busts in less than a month and a half of working the road with me,” said Fields.


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