Only on KRON4: Woman violently assaulted, robbed while riding Muni in Bayview District


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Earlier this week, KRON4 reported on a violent incident involving a group of teenage boys and girls who attacked and robbed a woman riding on a Muni bus in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood.

On Friday night, KRON4 has uncovered a similar incident–another woman was violently assaulted and robbed while riding on Muni. This time, it happened in the city’s Bayview District.

It is a story you’ll only see on KRON4 News.

“They proceeded to kick her and hit her, attacking her; they grabbed her hair,” said the victim’s mother, who did not want to be identified.

This mother is describing a violent incident that happened to her 18-year-old daughter Tuesday at around 7 p.m. while she was riding on the Muni T-train near Fitzgerald Street in San Francisco’s Bayview District.

She says her daughter was on her way home from work when about eight teenage boys and girls got on the train.

“And these kids bumped into her foot that was up on the seat, and she just ignored it, and then they began throwing plastic soda bottles or chip bags,” the mother said. “She turned around and said, ‘Stop throwing stuff at me, and it just kind of escalated from there; someone came and hit here.”

She says the group of teens pulled her daughter off of the train and continued the assault.

One of the teens took her daughter’s cellphone.

She says her daughter was in the middle of a Facetime conversation when the attack occurred

“She was Facetiming a friend of hers,” the mother said.

She says the person Facetiming with her daughter took a screen shot of one of the suspects during the assault. That, along with surveillance video from the train will be helpful for San Francisco police.

Investigators are checking to see if there is a connection to a violent assault that occurred on a Muni bus the day after this incident, involving a group of teens attacking and robbing a different woman of her cellphone.

“These recent incidents have occurred in a short period of time,” Officer Robert Rueca said. “At this time, we don’t know if they are related or not.”

Similar crimes, back to back days on Muni, one involving her daughter, is something this mother felt the community should be aware of.

“I would like for this not to happen to anyone else,” the mother said. “I have nieces, and I have other kids, and I want to protect them and our community as well.”



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