Target recalls Easter egg toys


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (KRON) — Parents should be sure to double check what the Easter bunny leaves behind on Sunday because Target recalled more than 560,000 water-absorbing easter eggs and dinosaur toys.

The recalled products include Hatch and Grow Easter Eggs, Easter Grow Toys, and Hatch Your Own Dino Egg products.

The toys pose a serious ingestion hazard, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If swallowed the water ingested toys, can expand inside the child’s body and cause intestinal complications, vomiting, dehydration and could be life-threatening.

The items were sold between February and March.

Surgery is required to remove the toy from the body, if ingested, according to CPSC.

Medical professionals and parents should be aware that there is a possibility that the toys might not show up on an x-ray.


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