VIDEO: Broken escalators at new Fremont Warm Springs station giving BART trouble


FREMONT (KRON) — BART is still working out some of the bugs in the new Fremont Warm Springs station.

So far, it hasn’t caused much of a problem because of the light passenger load, but the escalators have been giving BART some trouble at the shiny new facility.

Earlier this week, BART said that one escalator at Warm Springs was down and another was under evaluation.

On Friday, one of six escalators is out of service.

Most of the riders KRON4 spoke with said it’s no big deal and are more concerned about the lack of trains than they are about the escalators.

A strip of yellow caution tape blocks the middle escalator at the entrance to the Warm Springs Station, which opened just three weeks ago. While it is out of service and under repair, five of the six escalators, including all three on the track side of the station, are working.

While a few riders grumbled that three weeks is enough time to have worked out the bugs, others said the gleaming new station is an improvement over the other aging stations.

No one KRON4 spoke with said they missed a train because of the escalator problem. But several riders said the lack of trains there is the real problem. Warm spring so far does not provide full service on weekdays.

Warm Springs so far does not provide full service on weekdays. You can get anywhere on the Daly City line from Warm Springs, but if you’re on the Richmond line, you have to get off at the very next stop, in Fremont, and transfer to another train.

While escalator problems are not uncommon at other stations, BART says that “no particular pattern” has emerged. Two out of three escalators on the parking lot side of the station were more than enough to handle Friday’s traffic.

Riders can always take the stairs, or there are elevators, all of which seem to be working just fine.

One thing you won’t hear anyone complaining about at the Warm Springs BART station is parking. There are more than 2,000 spaces there and the lots look to be only about half full.

That, of course, will change if and when more trains are added down the line.

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