Pacifica residents worried after cliff collapses

PACIFICA (KRON)– Residents in one Pacifica neighborhood are uneasy after a cliff collapsed Saturday afternoon and it’s an eerie reminder of the eroding coastline.

The cliff collapsed around 1:00 p.m. and according to witnesses, at least four-feet of the coastline is now gone.

The incident happened in the same area where a 30-foot cliff fell away in 1998.

As a result, homes were removed and a trail was put in their place.

Two homes still remain and bought by the city but are vacant.

A revetment wall was built, but one resident said it’s slid out of place due to the erosion.

Some homeowners in the are considering selling their homes before it’s too late.

“To finally make the decision to sell and then to have this happen is pretty scary so for me it’s a scary thing financially to think about how that might affect the value of my house,” said Gwen Urich.

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