VIDEO: Stranger saves baby from flooding car on Easter Sunday

Courtesy of CNN

Video courtesy of CNN.

OHIO (KRON) – Two Tennessee parents are eternally grateful after a stranger helped saved their infant’s life on Easter Sunday.

While driving home from their visit with family in Ohio, Abby and Coleman Flynn encountered a severe rainstorm.

“There were a lot of puddles that we had to drive through,” Coleman said.

One of those puddles was so large, it caused the car to stall out, becoming trapped amid the high waters.

“I tried to start it multiple times – start it back up, but it wouldn’t start,” Coleman said.

That’s when Coleman opened his car door, accidentally inviting an influx of rushing water.

As the car began to flood, the parent’s instincts kicked into high gear.

“I don’t really care what happens to us, we just have to get the baby out of the car,” Abby thought to herself.

Then, an Easter miracle unfolded when a woman stopped to help.

The Flynns were able to get their window down enough to hand the 5-week-old baby to the woman, who as a complete stranger.

Meanwhile, others were calling 911.

After the woman, Sandy, took the baby, Abby and Coleman also crawled out of the car window to safety.

“I don’t even want to think about where we would be if she hadn’t been willing to help people she didn’t even know”, Abby said.

Abby and Coleman wish there was time to give Sandy a proper thank you, but with all the craziness they never got the chance.

Nevertheless, this was an Easter none of them will forget.

CNN contributed to this article.

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