Crews work to shore up Pinole landslide

PINOLE (KRON)– Crews are working to shore up a landslide that gave way behind The Bay Park Retirement Community and a Buddhist Temple in Pinole.

It was a road linking the retirement facility’s parking lot to the temple. The road started to crumble and crack. When a carport collapsed… the whole hillside went down.

Wednesday morning, workers created a pathway that allowed them access to the damage.

The backside of the retirement home, where the exercise room and dining area are located, have been shut down as a precaution.

Pinole City Engineer, Tamara miller, says they are monitoring the situation so they can step in if necessary.

Crews say preliminary tests show that the hole is about 40 feet deep.

A geologist analyzing the dirt plans to run tests in the lab to come up with a plan to stabilize the area.

However, with another storm on the way, it could hamper efforts or cause more problems. Some residents in the area are concerned the sinkhole will only get worse.



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