Half Moon Bay sitting on bluff demolished

HALF MOON BAY (KRON) —  This past winter the powerful storms eroded the bluffs in Half Moon Bay, pushing them back 20 or 30 feet in some places. That undercut the foundation of what was a small house sitting on the bluffs. There is concern that the house might fall onto the beach so starting Wednesday, crews are demolishing the building.

The house, which is about 690 square feet, was owned by California state parks. It was built in the 1940s. It was most recently used as employee housing but had been vacant for quite some time. When the bluff erosion was discovered, state parks decided to tear it down.

Haley Golz, a California State Park official, said

It wasn’t worth the money, according to State Park Official Haley Golz. She says they want to continue spending the money to keep it from falling onto the beach.

The loss of the house is just the latest casualty of California’s record breaking wet weather this past winter. Just to the north in Pacifica, erosion along the coast badly damaged beach access, forced the demolition of an apartment complex and badly eroded this popular trail.

The Half Moon Bay house may be gone but the foundation is still in place and the plan is to keep it that way.

Golz said the state plans to leave the foundation, fill it will dirt, compact it to 90 percent compaction and try to stabilize the dune edge.

The goal is to help stabilize the bluff, prevent further erosion here and protect the homes that sit a little further inland.

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