Fresno gunman, Kori Muhammad, speaks from jail

This undated photo provided by the Fresno Police Department shows Kori Ali Muhammad a suspect in the Fresno, Calif., shooting on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Muhammad was arrested on Tuesday shortly after the deadly morning rampage that left several dead according to police. (Fresno Police Department via AP)

FRESNO (KRON)–The man accused of killing four men in a racially motivated attack, spoke by phone from the Fresno County Jail to share his version of events.

Kori Muhammad spoke with KRON4’s affiliate KSEE on Saturday and admitted to killing four men and spoke about his hatred of white men.

“Someone has to fight for them,” said Muhammad. “Someone has to fight for all the people who died at the hands of racist white men.”

Police said Kori Muhammad, terrorized Fresno beginning a week ago Thursday at Motel 6. Muhammad claimed his first killing happened after security guard Carl Williams disrespected him and his friend.

“The security guard was arguing with her, being very disrespectful, so I shot him,” said Muhammad. Reporter Matt Mendes asked, “you shot the security guard?” Muhammad replied, “yes, sir.”

Muhammad said he hid from officers on top of a nearby 7-11.

He later learned that he was wanted by police and his photo and name were in the media.

“I was actually going to turn myself in, then I started thinking about the missing black women, and children started thinking about Flint, Michigan, started thinking about crack cocaine epidemic, started thinking about the injustices and atrocities my people go through. That’s why I snapped,” he said.

On Tuesday he shot at four white men, killing three of them.

“I wasn’t thinking like, I’m going to kill kill kill… white supremacy has to die and people who benefit from white supremacy are white men,” Muhammad said.

He’s being held in isolation at Fresno County Jail.



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