2 arrested outside Milpitas Walmart on suspicion of auto theft

MILPITAS (KRON)– Two men were arrested outside a Milpitas Walmart last Tuesday after they were found with a stolen car and stolen credit cards, according to police.

The incident happened around 6:17 a.m. at Walmart near 301 Ranch Drive.

An officer was conducting patrol checks in the store’s parking lot when he noticed a man standing next to a stolen white Dodge Stratus.

The vehicle had been reported stolen last Monday.

Officers arrested the man next to the car, who was identified as 21-year-old Auner Gomez of Fremont.

A second suspect, 31-year-old Oscar Molina of Fremont, was inside the Walmart and arrested as he exited the store.

Molina was also in possession of a small amount of methamphetamine.

Both suspects had credit cards that were recently stolen from a car parked in Fremont, according to police.

Gomez allegedly made a purchase earlier at the Walmart with one of them.

As police searched the stolen vehicle, they found stolen mail and modified keys to open locked mailboxes.

Molina and Gomez were booked into Santa Clara County Jail.



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