VIDEO: Nearly a dozen decomposing dogs found in trash bags near Vallejo trail


VALLEJO (KRON) — About a dozen, decomposing dogs were found in trash bags near a Vallejo trail.

The dogs were found off Columbus Parkway and Lake Herman Road right near the Blue Rock Springs Park and Golf Club.

And on Wednesday, KRON4 spoke with the woman who stumbled upon this horrific sight.

And the woman who found them wants to know who could do such a thing.

“It is so inhumane these animals are so beautiful and so sweet so sacred, and to have something like this happen…,” Carine Peters said.

A gruesome find for Peters, as she stumbled on this while walking her dogs earlier this month. It was a horrific sight in the brush just a few feet from the sidewalk on Columbus Parkway.

”I saw plastic bags,” Peters said. “I saw animals sticking out of them. I could not wrap my mind around it. I was horrified.”

What’s left now is a ripped trash bag after wild animals reached the dead dogs, along with several skins covered in thick matted hair.

Peters wanted answers but says Vallejo police and animal control declined to investigate. So, she contacted Cares, an animal rescue group in Solano County.

“What is left here is a dog,” said Cindy Shay, who is with Cares. “It looks like maybe the coyotes tried to drag it away.”

Cares opened the trash bags to see about a dozen disintegrating dogs–from yorkies, to a shepherd mix, a poodle, and a golden retriever.

“They looked well cleaned and groomed like they was somebody’s pet,” Shay said.

Cares discovered even more disturbing items–the tools believed used to kill the dogs, including shovels and Long sticks with sharp blades and box cutters taped to the tops.

“There is blonde hair in one of the tools still,” Shay said.

The dogs did not have tags or collars on and were too decomposed to find any microchips that would help link a missing dog to its owner.

Now, someone has placed a red teddy bear next to a once fluffy dog tail to remember the dogs tossed away.

“It is scary because most serial killers do start with animals,” Shay said.



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