Adopt this puppy: Ali is happy and healthy after discovered in critical condition

OAKLAND (KRON) — A small puppy is alive and well after she was brought to a veterinary hospital in critical condition with signs of animal abuse.

The eight week-old, terrier mix puppy, Ali, was reportedly brought to the veterinary emergency hospital with a vacuum cleaner cord wrapped around her neck and bows glued to her ears, according to Oakland Animal Services.

The puppy was in critical condition and suffering from severe respiratory distress. Ali’s condition was so grave that it was unclear whether she would survive.

Suspecting animal abuse, the hospital notified Oakland Animal Services (OAS) immediately and Animal Control Officers responded. The officers documented the puppy’s injuries and placed a protective seizure hold on her pending further investigation.

Friends of Oakland Animal Services (FOAS) paid for her veterinary care and the little pup fought her way back to health. Once it was clear that she was going to fully recover, she was transferred to the care of OAS veterinarian Dr. Dalmasso and given the name “Ali” because she’s a little fighter.

Oakland’s Animal Control Officers frequently receive or investigate matters involving animal cruelty. If you suspect animal abuse or neglect, please contact Oakland Animal Service at (510) 777-333.

Ali, now 10 weeks-old is now available at Oakland Animal Services. She is a sweet and loving disposition, despite the trauma she has suffered.

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