Police: 19 cars broken into within two days in Belmont neighborhood

BELMONT (KRON) — Residents within Belmont, Calif. are advised to remove valuable possessions and locking up their vehicles properly after a series of mass car break-ins occurred within two days.

According to Belmont police, from April 27. through April 28. about 19 unlocked vehicles were broken into in the Central neighborhood of Belmont. All break-ins occurred in the overnight hours.

Authorities have said the break-ins have occurred within the following locations.

  • Notre Dame Ave
  • Arbor Ave
  • Folger Dr
  • Belle Monti Ave
  • Manzanita Ave
  • Academy Ave
  • Alden St
  • Alameda de las Pulgas
  • Fairway Dr
  • Pine Knoll Dr

It is unclear if the act was done by one suspect or multiple suspects, but police said majority of the vehicles were gone through with nothing taken. Some of the items reported stolen were two laptop computers.

Authorities have asked residents to go through security camera footage to help police identify a suspect(s), or a possible suspect vehicle. The suspect(s) are still at large.

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