Vallejo officials: Person who reported decomposing dogs found in trash bags near park called wrong number


VALLEJO (KRON) — The City of Vallejo is conducting a review into its response to a report that as many as a dozen dead dogs were found near a park and golf course.

The city says the person who tried to notify animal control about the gruesome discovery called the wrong number. By the time animal control officers in Vallejo were called out to investigate a report of remains of dead dogs off Columbus Parkway, city spokesperson Joanna Altman says the animals were so badly decomposed, they were unrecognizable.

“It appears that there perhaps was one that was a dog, and then the remains of some other animals,” Altman said. “We did do a check of the animal that was most intact. We checked it for a microchip–unfortunately, there was nothing present.”

Altman says the person who initially made this discovery reached out to an animal control officer’s cellphone on February 17.

But that off-duty officer was on leave at the time and did not receive the call.

“Eventually, the original reporting party contacted CARES, which is an animal rescue organization on Mar. 20. And from there, CARES helped contact the dispatch, animal control dispatch, and that’s when we responded on Mar. 25,” Altman said.

So, some five weeks had elapsed between when Carine Peters, the woman who initially discovered the decomposing animals, got ahold of CARES–and the city’s animal control service.

The city says that lost time has made it difficult to investigate whether or not a crime has been committed or how many dogs were actually involved because some of the remains had been eaten by other animals.

Marie Chua is the founder of CARES and is fielding calls from families with lost pets concerned their animal may have been one of the deceased.

The city is reviewing recent animal cruelty cases to see if there may be a connection to this recent investigation.

In the meantime, the public is encouraged to at the very least call 911 if ever making a discovery like this.

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