VIDEO: Apple Watch helps Maryland student after rollover crash


BALTIMORE (KRON/CNN) — A Maryland college student says his Apple Watch helped him after he got trapped in his vehicle following a rollover.

Since his phone was out of reach and he was upside down, the watch became his only option to alert the authorities he was trouble.

“Airbags smell like gunpowder when they go off,” Casey Bennett said.

The 22-year-old Bennett vividly recalls the crash that everyone’s been asking for the last three weeks.

“I heard a crunch, and I was like ugh, now my car’s going to be in the shop for like two weeks this sucks. The next thought I had was you’re upside down. The next thought was you’re upside down again,” Bennett said.

Bennett’s car rolled over twice and stopped on its side.

He was pinned by his seatbelt.

“I was literally just dangling down, like, hanging out, and I was trying to figure out if I could get out and I was, like, no, you’re just going to have to hang out here. Then I just pressed down the side button here for six seconds and it called 9-1-1.”

His Apple Watch sent an alert to his emergency contacts list, letting mom and dad know where he was and got him a dispatcher.

“It’s just really cool to be able to talk to someone for 6 minutes because it would have felt like much longer waiting … not knowing someone was coming,” Bennett said.

His dad showed up in time to ride with him in the ambulance to the hospital.

Then, the watch sent an update with the hospital’s address so mom could meet them there.

Through it all, Bennett remains unfazed.

“My friends ask me that, they’re like are you like anxious or anything? I was like I’ve been driving for six years and this happened once, I’m OK,” Bennett said.

The bruise on his chest from the seatbelt, and on his knee from the roll, were the sole physical reminders the crash happened.

Those bruises have faded.

While the memory of that evening remains clear, his family thankful the best things in life are still with them.

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