VIDEO: Flyer encourages gay people to commit suicide


HOUSTON, Texas (KRON) — In Texas, someone posted a message of hate aimed at the LGBT community encouraging people to kill themselves.

The flyer has sparked outrage and was found posted on a bus stop in Houston.

It uses numbers, including the supposed percentage of trans people who attempt suicide. And it encourages others to do the same thing.

The mother of an 11-year-old transgender child says the message took her breath away.

“My first reaction was fear.,” mother of transgender child Ann Elder said. “Whoever posted this poster was trying plant fear in the LGBT community. But they’ve come too far to back down. It will encourage everyone to say, I’m going to stand up for who I am. And I deserve to be here.”

The poster includes an image of someone hanging from a noose with a rainbow-colored heart.

Police say someone removed it before they could see it.

They say it’s illegal to post any kind of posters at bus stops.

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