Livermore firefighter helps treats victims in multiple car collision off-duty in Arizona

Livermore-Pleasanton firefighter JJ Duffy helped assist treating victims of a multiple vehicle collision, while off duty in Arizona, April 30, 2017.

ARIZONA (KRON) — A Bay Area fireman received recognition from several firemen for assisting a man who was injured during a multiple vehicle collsion, while on vacation in Arizona.

According to Livermore-Pleasanton fire department, firefighter-paramedic JJ Duffy helped treated a critical burned victim involved in a multiple vehicle collision outside of Kingman, Ariz., Sunday afternoon.

Duffy, who was on vacation, encountered the four vehicle collision while driving. Some of the vehicles invovled erupted in flames and affected the surrounding vegatation area.

Fire crews said, one patient received critical injuries having second and third degree burns over 30 percent of his body, including his airway.

Duffy, pictured wearing the white polo shirt assisted local fire crews with the accident and victims.

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