VIDEO: Shooter fires on Dallas firefighters, critically injuring one

DALLAS (KXAN) — Law enforcement in Dallas were engaged with an active shooter and a firefighter paramedic has been been shot and critically injured, authorities say.

According to KXAS, the shooting happened in the 3200 block of Reynolds Avenue in East Dallas.

The Dallas Police Association said on Twitter a firefighter has been shot while responding to a call for help. Police said a person at the home opened fire, hitting an EMT Unit’s vehicle.

Dallas Fire-Rescue said the wounded firefighter was transported to Baylor Medical Center. At last report they are said to be in surgery and may have been shot multiple times.

According to WFAA, the gunman opened fire on paramedics. The location of the shooting is near the Dallas-Fire Rescue training facility on Dolphin Road near Interstate 30.

WFAA said authorities have a home surrounded.

It’s unknown how many officers are involved; dozens of police cars are at the scene.



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