VIDEO: Baylor University students protest after Mexican-themed fraternity party


WACO, Texas (KRON) — Some Baylor University students are outraged and offended over the theme of a fraternity party.

The theme of the party that took place over the weekend was Mexican. The outfits that some partygoers wore prompted other students to take action.

Students allegedly dressed as construction workers and maids for the Mexican-themed party at Kappa Sigma.

A few pictures of the party have been circulating among the students.

“Even though they say that was not their intention, you let those people into the party, and by letting them walk through those doors, you kind of stood with them,” student Gabriela Xochit-Soliz said. “You thought it was funny. You thought it was appropriate.”

Protestors requested mandatory cultural sensitivity classes and a public apology from the fraternity.

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