Hayward school parcel tax winning in early returns

HAYWARD (BCN) — A measure that would retain an existing parcel tax to fund Hayward’s schools and increase it by $30 per parcel is winning in early returns.

In results that were released Tuesday night in a special vote-by-mail election, Measure A is winning by 70.37 percent to 29.63 percent, or 8,135 votes to 3,426.

The measure needs a two-thirds majority to pass.

However, Alameda County Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis said Wednesday that the results aren’t yet final because ballots that were postmarked by Tuesday and are received by Friday will still be counted.

Dupuis said he expects to post semi-official final results at the end of the day on Friday and certify the results next week.

He said he doesn’t know how many ballots remain to be counted but said that based on past experience, that total will be significantly less than the 11,561 votes that have been counted so far.

If Measure A wins, the parcel tax would increase from $58 to $88 per parcel and would stay in place for 12 years. The present tax expires June 30 and the proposed tax would take its place.

The income from the tax would go to Hayward Unified School District programs such as hands-on science labs and classes, music and art programs, library services, technology and college preparation programs.

It would also help attract and keep qualified teachers, advocates said in their ballot argument in favor of the measure.

An independent citizens’ oversight committee would monitor the spending of the money and seniors could opt out of the parcel tax.



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