Mike Epps performs charity show for family of deceased teen

PITTSBURG (KRON) — Comedian Mike Epps performed at the California Theater in Pittsburg over the weekend and donated all the money from his first performance to a mourning family.

All the money made from Epp’s first show on Saturday went to the family of Floyd Burrell, the Pittsburg High School Senior who collapsed during a training exercise to prepare from the U.S. Marine Corp on April 25 at Veterans Park in Brentwood.

“I was on my way here anyway and when I arrived he told me what had happened. Tommy brought it to me and I said you know I would love to be a part of it and I would love to do as much as I can to support the family,” Epps said, referring to Tommy Thomas, the owner of Tommy T’s Comedy Club and Pleasanton.

“I got in touch with Mike and he said heck yeah let’s do it,” Thomas said.

The show was added just a few days before the performance and quickly sold out.

“Mike Epps tickets went on sale Tuesday at two o’clock and we didn’t put the show together until Wednesday so I mean the people of Pittsburg really support each other and they love their town of Pittsburg,” Thomas continued.

The show raised about ten thousand dollars for the Burrell family.

“Number one it’s not a sad week so I want to be clear about that as my sister said this was unexpected so we’re just grateful, thankful, appreciative to the community Pittsburg,” Floyd Burrell’s family said.

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