VIDEO: Construction at Lafayette BART Station to close off parking spaces


LAFAYETTE (KRON) — The Lafayette BART Station’s parking lot is getting an overhaul that could take months to complete.

A number of parking spaces will be closed off, and riders will have to find alternate parking.

Solar panels are being installed in one of the carports, and about 200 spaces were affected.

Now, that’s wrapping up, then construction will start in another lot. That will end up taking months to complete.

By the end of May, this parking lot will look drastically different. The Lafayette Station Site Improvement Project aims to lower congestion and optimize traffic.

The project area will be between Deer Hill Road, Happy Valley Road, and Happy Valley Creek.

Neighborhood street parking is also an option, but finding a spot to leave your car for the day is already tough.

Even those living here for years haven’t had the chance to get a permit for the BART lot.

Once construction starts, there will be a huge shortage of spots. BART suggests using bus routes 6 and 25 to get to the station.

When all is said and done, pedestrian visibility and access to the station will be a lot easier, and the current bus stop will be replaced and relocated in order to accommodate more buses at the station.

Construction is expected to start at the end of the month.

The entrance to the station will remain open through its completion.



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