Gary’s Word: Give Jed York a break


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco 49ers just finished one of their best drafts in years, but the local criticism of owner Jed York remains.

While new General Manager John Lynch is being praised for his work, one local newspaper told York to stay out of the way.

Let’s be honest. Nobody feels sorry for a millionaire whose parents gave him an NFL franchise. Truth be told, it was York’s energy which got the new stadium built in Santa Clara, yet critics will say he blew the deal to build in San Francisco.

Bottom line–rip away when the 49ers are 2-14 with no hope in sight but slow up a little when the team is coming off a success such as the draft.

Jed York is the man who selected Lynch and new coach Kyle Shanahan.

49ers appear on track for their best run since the Harbaugh days and York has been the owner both times.

It’s time to lay off…at least for the time being.



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