Ohio man with “needs a beer” t-shirt arrested for drunk driving

ALLIANCE, Ohio (WJW) — An Ohio man wearing a shirt that reads “this guy needs a beer” was ironically arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Jeremy Dean, 37, allegedly crashed his car into another vehicle and kept on driving as if nothing happened, according to investigators.

The woman whose car he struck then followed Dean to a nearby bank where she confronted him about the accident, police said.

Dean fled the scene, leaving his credit card in the ATM. The woman continued to follow Dean and notified police of his whereabouts, according to authorities.

When police confronted Dean, he told officers he had done nothing wrong and he had not been drinking.

But Dean’s inability to walk in a straight line proved otherwise.

Dean eventually admitted that he had been drinking, saying had only two beers to which the officer responded, “Only two beers? Is that beers or kegs?”

A test of Dean’s blood alcohol content reveal a .316.  That is nearly four times the legal limit.

Alliance Police say given the man’s condition, Dean is fortunate he did not hurt or kill anyone.

“A couple of beers slows down your reaction time.  Four times the legal limit is going to slow it down even more, by the time you know, if he gets into a crash, by the time he applies the brakes, he’s already crashed into another car,” said Sergeant Michael Yarian of the Alliance Police Department.

Dean is facing charges including operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident.



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