CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man breaks into home through dog door in New Mexico

The burglar has been released on bond


(CNN Newsource via WWLP) – Home surveillance video captured a man breaking into a home by squeezing through a doggy door in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It’s something you don’t see every day. A burglar squeezed through a doggy door to break into a home in northwest Albuquerque.

Police said the burglar’s name is Steven Candelaria, and they just released this video of a break-in that happened in February.

You can see Candelaria peek through the window before he starts to make his way inside.

The largest doggy door is about 24 inches high by about 16 inches wide, and at just 135 pounds, it was enough for Candelaria to fit through without a struggle.

Once he’s in, Candelaria climbs over the doggy gate and walks over to the front door.

The family dog looked on as Candelaria rushes out of the house, holding a handful of items.

Police say Candelaria then brought those stolen items to this pawn shop where he was caught once again on surveillance video, exchanging those items for cash. Police said Candelaria was in the black hoodie.

Police said they were able to track a tablet that he used and arrest him. Candelaria has since been released on bond.



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