Missing rescue German Shepherd dog discovered dead near owner’s home

Courtesy of JJ Jacobson

ALAMEDA COUNTY (KRON) — A German Shepherd rescue mentor dog who was stolen from his owner’s home in Alameda County Sunday evening was discovered dead on Friday afternoon.

According to the Facebook page FIND Murfee, Murfee the missing German Shepherd was discovered dead inside his owner’s (JJ Jacobson) vehicle.

The people who stole Murfee allegedly placed the dog into one of the vehicles located on Jacobson’s property.

Murfee, the 80-pound dog, was last seen wearing a lime green collar with ID tags Sunday, Apr. 29.

Murfee was in charge of mentoring hundreds of rescued German Shepherds, along with Belgian Shepherds, on learning proper social skills before moving on to their new homes.

Murfee also educated dogs on how to get along nicely with other dogs and display proper dog-to-dog etiquette, according to authorities.

Jacobson has worked with the German Shepherd breed since 2002 and has taken in as many as 3,500 German Shepherds. He has helped placed them into new homes.

No additional information regarding Murfee’s death was immediately available.



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