VIDEO: Northern California couple catching “aggressive,” potentially deadly poisonous rattlesnakes in the East Bay

ALAMEDA COUNTY (KRON) — A Northern California couple is catching “aggressive,” poisonous rattlesnakes in the Bay Area.

The husband and wife team, along with their snake-sniffing dog Peaches, was out in Brentwood, Walnut Creek, and Alamo Friday catching those dangerous snakes. Peaches has training with Sacramento police.

In fact, they caught about a dozen rattlesnakes. They also caught another non-venomous snake.

Luis Fraser and wife Jenae have been doing this professionally for about eight years.

The couple said they received phone calls from homeowner associations in the East Bay about the snakes.

The team, who own a company called Rattlesnake Removal USA, are based out of Rocklin and were heading to the Napa area after finishing up in the East Bay.

The couple said the increased rain has led to more snakes out there. Increase plant life, which came from the rain, brings more mice that are the perfect food for the snakes.

Fraser and Jenae say they are a humane company, and they get permission to release the snakes into state parks.

Fraser says he uses the Steve Irwin method of grabbing them by the tail, rather than behind the head.

This comes after a rattlesnake bite on Mission Peak near Fremont sent a San Jose hiker to the hospital in serious condition on Monday afternoon.

KRON4’s Spencer Blake will have a full report on KRON4 News at 5.



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