VIDEO: Family sues BART over mob attack

Russel Stapp

OAKLAND (KRON) — A family who were victims of the BART mob attack have filed a civil claim totaling $3 million against the transit system Monday.

On April 22, about 40 to 60 juveniles jumped the fare gates at the Coliseum Station, entered a Dublin-bound train car, and began to beat and rob the passengers.

Russel Stapp was on the train with his wife and 18-year-old daughter when the incident happened.

Stapp says he was beaten by several of the juveniles as his wife covered their daughter to protect her.

They were coming back to their Dublin home from San Francisco after celebrating their daughter’s birthday.

The victims’ attorney says they have identified 11 safety measures that BART failed to take that could have prevented the attack.

“We believe this is gross negligence,” said attorney Paul B. Justi. as he explains how BART personnel knew the mob was at the station yet did nothing to prevent the attack.

Stapp believes that the BART conductor should not have opened the doors to the train at the Coliseum station. The attackers were beating on the train doors and continuing onto the second station could have prevented the robberies and assaults.

The victim was kicked in the ribs and suffered small cuts.

“If Bart can’t protect individuals how can they prevent from terrorism,” Stapp said during the Monday news conference.

KRON4’s Dan Kerman is reaching out to BART. We will update the story when we hear back.

Stay with KRON4 for updates on this developing story



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