ONLY on KRON4: Attack on Vallejo special needs middle schooler posted online, mother speaks


VALLEJO (KRON) — “This bullying, it has to stop. It really has to stop.”

Those are the words from a Vallejo middle schooler’s mother who just found out how badly her daughter has been picked on from a YouTube video.

The incident the mother is talking about happened several weeks ago, but now, the parent is finding out about the video that students at the school have already been passing around.

It is a story you will only see on KRON4.

The sixth-grade girl getting beaten up in the video is the daughter of Emma Simms.

“I pulled it up on YouTube last night and I was horrified,” Simms said. “I haven’t been the same since I seen that video.”

She knew about the incident the day it happened in early March, but she had no idea how bad it was, nor that a student had been recording it.

Her daughter, on the other hand, has known for a while about the YouTube video, which has more than 600 views.

“People won’t stop talking about it,” Simms’ daughter said.

So, the re-victimization continues.

Simms says her daughter has special needs, and though they live on the other side of town, she transferred to Solano Middle School to have those needs met.

Her daughter says she was sitting down, ready for her PE class when the attack happened.

“When I send my child to school, she’s supposed to be protected,” Simms said.

Though a teacher who didn’t want to identify herself told KRON4 the attacker in the video was suspended for multiple days, Simms is trying to see if more can be done about the video making the rounds.

“The assistant principal called it a fight and I told him, ‘No it was not a fight. It was an assault.'” Simms said.

On Monday, Simms stopped by the district office and was instructed to fill out a complaint form about what happened.

KRON4 wasn’t able to meet up with anyone from the district who could speak about the incident but will follow up again Tuesday.

KRON4 did grab one of those complaint forms.

Once it’s turned in, the district has 15 days to confirm receipt and then has 60 days to perform an investigation into a complaint.



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