ONLY ON KRON4: YouTube video of attack on Vallejo special needs student taken down


VALLEJO (KRON) — The video of an East Bay sixth grader getting attacked during physical education class has been making the rounds in her school.

On Tuesday night, we have an update to a story you saw Monday night only on KRON4.

This video was uploaded and it continued to haunt the victim at school, but now, it is no longer on YouTube.

It was a mixed bag of emotions for Emma Simms and her daughter, who is a student at Solano Middle School.

Simms went to show the video to the police officer assigned to the school Tuesday but the YouTube link was broken.

A message says it was removed by the user.

Simms was frustrated because she says people, including the police, should see how bad it was.

But her daughter says she’s happy it’s down because now it will be harder for people to see it and spread it around.

In the video, another student started pummeling the victim on the basketball court during PE back in early March.

Simms also says since our story aired, she’s spoken to at least two other parents at the school who also say there is a bullying problem.

“A lady came to me, ‘I saw you on TV. My daughter had two teeth knocked out. She was beat up, two teeth knocked out; we’re going to the dentist now. Has a concussion.'” Simms said. “It’s just horrible! I can’t believe it!”

Another mother called our newsroom saying she had to take her daughter out of the school three years ago because bullying got so bad.

Simms says she asked the school to take her daughter out of that PE class for the rest of the year, but administrators said they can’t do that.

Simms is also still working on the complaint form she plans on turning into the district office.

KRON4 tried contacting the district again Tuesday.

We got an after-hours call from the person who handles media inquiries.

We still haven’t been able to speak to them directly, but they did return our call.



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